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  • The level of care and service provided by Dr. Penenberg and his staff was simply outstanding.
    By - Larsen, CA
    29-Apr-2020 01:36 AM
  • Dr. Pennenberg, is the only Doctor that I have given an excellent rating to. His waiting room is full of patients, some times waits up to 2 hours, is not in heard of. The patients are a good cross section of people across the USA. He always greats you by your 1st name, saying he is sorry for the long wait. Takes his time with you an answers all questions. On my 1 visit for my right knee, he recommended an associate to by pass surgery and am still pleased with the injection program.
    By - Nigorizawa, CA
    29-Apr-2020 01:35 AM
  • Dr. P is the best. I would recommend him to everyone who needed surgery...I'd even recommend him to people who didn't. the pre and post op care was first class...my healing if I would have followed his instructions and not over did it would have been spot on. I was taken care of from the minute he examined me on. Hip Hip (and Knee) for Dr. P!
    By - Sonoma, CA
    29-Apr-2020 01:35 AM
  • Agreed to do bilateral knee replacement and did not give satisfactory answer when I only had one done. I had no complications. Did not like his bedside manner (practically, none) doesn't visit you after surgery. I recommend him only because I have excellent results and he does MIS. I walk pain free after having the 2nd knee replaced.
    By - vitals.com
    29-Apr-2020 01:34 AM
  • Dr. Penenberg is fantastic. After surgery you wonder why it took so long to have it done. You can not do better than this doctor.
    By - vitals.com
    29-Apr-2020 01:33 AM
  • Dr. Penenberg is friendly, professional, extremely knowledgable and the ONLY doctor to have a hip replacement by. He's so good that his waiting room is always full. But when it was my turn to talk to him...he focused on me. Looked me in the eyes and was made me feel very comfortable. He is special, not many doctors have his ability. He is very positive and he smiles at you and you know he's going to take good care of you. I had no pain at all. I was walking 5 hours after my total hip replacement with a walker. The next day with a cane and I went home. He is simply the best.
    By - vitals.com
    29-Apr-2020 01:32 AM
  • Dr. Penenberg is the best as everyone said he would be..Everything was and went exact as explained. Most successful, I am better than before. Cannot believe I had Hip replacement surgery, I feel like a new person. Would do it again. Fast recovery.
    By - vitals.com
    29-Apr-2020 01:32 AM
  • El dr es muy muy bueno y un gran profesional, muy honesto y compasivo lo quiero mucho , que dios le pague por todo.
    By - vitals.com
    29-Apr-2020 01:31 AM
  • Great staff. Dr. Penenberg listened to my explanation of knee issues and gave me a thorough exam. I was not rushed even though he had an office full of patients
    By - vitals.com
    29-Apr-2020 01:30 AM
  • I appreciated the detailed explanations and the accessibility of support staff before and after the surgery which went perfectly fine. Plus Cedars is top quality. Wish I had been informed in the hospital that I had the option of ordering better food from an upstairs kitchen for a fee, although I found some chicken that was good for lunch as part of the stay. That's a good tip to convey.
    By - vitals.com
    29-Apr-2020 01:30 AM
  • I searched for the perfect doctor and finally found you. I will forever be grateful for your talent, your craft, your intelligence, your compassion…you let me be me again.
    By - Savannah
    29-Apr-2020 01:29 AM
  • Dear Dr. Penenberg, It is almost four months since my surgery on my hip. I have had no pain at all and even the stiffness between sitting and standing is almost gone. I don’t know how I can adequately thank you for giving me this wonderful new lease on life.
    By - Denise
    29-Apr-2020 01:29 AM
  • Dear Dr. Penenberg, There are not enough words to express my gratitude. You have given me a new life - pain-free knees... thank you for being the wonderful surgeon you are!!
    By - Warmest wishes, Sandy
    29-Apr-2020 01:26 AM

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